Slideshow of Stained and Fused Glass Window Panels

Newly created with original design by the artist/seller. Each stained glass window panel measures either 12 or 14 inches in diameter and is constructed by the copper foil method. Each glass piece is hand cut, ground down to fit and covered with a copper foil strip. Once all of the pieces are foiled, the panel is then soldered together and encased in a zinc or copper came exterior edge. The solder’s finish is in dark patina, antique copper or original silvery sheen. Each of our windows feature at least one kiln-fired fused glass piece and each of these special inserts are completely unique. The panel design is artistically created by us and not taken from a template design book. The glass colors and textured glass for each panel are individually chosen for that particular panel project so each window doesn’t look like another panel even if the design is similar. Each panel includes two feet of jack chain for hanging. Each panel includes approx 18 inches of jack chain for hanging. Each panel is signed and numbered.