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Our new stained glass window panels are on Etsy


These stained glass window panels measure approximately 12 inches by 12 inches. The included jack chain is approximately 21 inches long. Our windows are original in design and are reminiscent of windows from the past such as Tiffany with a colorful mix of glass and dark stained solder lines. Each glass panel incorporates some fused glass pieces that we create by firing them to near 1400F degrees using our glass kiln. The windows are created by us, the sellers, in our rural New Mexico studio. Great gift idea.

We use the copper foil method of construction for our window panels. Each glass piece is cut and ground to shape using a hand glass cutter and grinder with a diamond head/bit. Then we apply copper foil to all edges of each piece and arrange the pieces on a soldering board. We then solder the whole assemblage together on both the front and back. Next, we surround our new window with 4 pieces of zinc came to hold the glass panel together and solder the zinc pieces together and to the soldered lines between the glass pieces. The next to the last step involves brushing black patina to the solder lines and the zinc came. We are now ready to wash the new panel and buff it with a nice coat of wax.

You can view our windows on Etsy by clicking here:

Stained Glass Windows For Sale On Etsy